Premmie with wings
Date: Thursday, March 29 @ 00:00:00 MST
Topic: Follow the Wings of Love

my son Isaiah was born 6 weeks early, i had preclemmisa. I had to deliver him early an it was so scary. but when i finally got to see him before his was taken to chilerns hospital casue of his lungs he was wrapped in the wings. i asked who did this an was told it was one of the nurse's. only the special babies got them. i was in tears cause he looked so small. he wieghed 3 lbs an 7 oz. the wings protected him on the ride to childerns and while he stayed there. they protected him at his 1st surgery too. i was so happy to have gotten them for him. thank you so much . i put them above his bed when he finally got home from the hospital an they have been there ever snice. they now protect him and his baby sister. isaiah will be two dec. 3 rd 2011. his a healthly lil guy now.

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