Wrapped Up In Love
Date: Thursday, March 17 @ 13:39:01 MST
Topic: Follow the Wings of Love

Cancer survivor Marian Paola remembers her chemo well.  "I often felt so cold while I was in the chemo room alone getting treatment.  The nurses were great, getting me blankets, but I hated to bother them.  Sitting there weighing my comfort versus theirs was a dismal."

Another challenge Marian faced was how to fulfill her desire to help others going through cancer.  Not long after her treatment, Marian found a solution that answered both of her concerns.  As avid seamstress, Marian was drown to a project called Wings of Love (www.followthewingsoflove.com).  
Using left over pieces of fabric from her previous sewing projects Marian dove into making "wings" that can warm and comfort people going through treatment.  A realization soon stuck Marian - "Who doesn't love a good, warm hug?!" She began sewing with even greater fervor, making enough wings so the children and parents from the Walking the Dinosaur program could each have wings to wrap themselves in a warm, loving hug, too.  Donations of fabric have allowed her to create nearly 60 wings for the Wellness Community in just five months!

The children and teens in our recent Walking the Dinosaur group loved choosing from the array of colorful wings for themselves and their parents.  Taking this picture of the kids was like trying to capture 6 butterflies with one swing of the net! Donning their wings, they took flight, their feet and hearts made lighter, it seemed by the wings on their back.

Thank you Marian, for your labor of love!  

This article comes from Follow the Wings Of Love - a non profit organization

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