Sweatshop in production
Date: Friday, January 16 @ 14:53:47 MST
Topic: Follow the Wings of Love

Barb hosted a sewing day at her home on Sunday afternoon, Jan 11, 2009.  The goal was to make as many Wings of Love as possible for Peg to distribute to the Ronald McDonald House of Greater Cincinnati as the first delivery with more to be provided as needed.  So, Granny, Jane, Sally, Peg, Tamie, Barb, Emily, Leah, John and Jeff all worked for several hours to produce 69 Wings.  They used the materials they had been collecting from flea markets, fabric store sales and close outs, donations and other general fabric hording as sewers are known to do.  Each participant was able to choose what step in the process they wanted to work on, and they were off and running.  Granny sewed on the pockets, Peg and Sally ran the Serge machines.  Barb the quilting machine. Tamie and Jane cut and pinned.  Leah made business cards, John and Jeff made the verse cards and threaded the ribbons and attached the safety pins. Barb remained the ever vigilant process expediter and provided "breaks" to those who needed one and stood in where necessary.  She made sure everyone had snacks and beverages and more fabric and other supplies.  They all had so much fun, they decided to do it again and maybe even make it a once a month event.

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