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Big Story of Today
There isn't a Biggest Story for Today, yet.
The table below displays the flight path of actual blankets that were made by FTWOL members and given to the people below.  If you would like your own 'Wings of Love' blanket just fill out our online form and we will send you one.

                                        Thank you, Wingmaster.

Follow The Wings of Love Flight Path - Blankets
01-03-07 Peg made wings for baby Peri Rose Cinti, Ohio
01-03-10 adult, Child & Jr wings go with Mary K to Phoenix AZ
01-03-11 12 adult Wellness Community Blue Ash Ohio
01-04-07 Peg made 2 pairs of wings for Linus volunteer Wendy's family
01-04-10 23 bibs & 7 infant wings to Tamie for Mercy Anderson & Caring Place
01-06-09 Adult wings for Carol in Cinti - friend of Jeanne & Debbie @ UC
01-06-11 28 wings to Ronald McDonald House Cinti, Oh plus 20 blankets
01-08-07 Peg made wings for Kathleen Miller's sister
01-08-08 13 baby wings to Tamie for Mercy Hopsital and the Caring Place
01-08-08 Peg gave Tamie 13 wings for Mercy Hospital, Caring Place and Crossroads Mission
01-08-09 Ronald McDonald House in Cinti gets first delivery of wings 9 adult, 3 child, 1 baby
01-08-11 2 adult, 1 infant, 1 blanket, 5 bibs to Rob S and family Cincinnati, Ohio
01-09-11 1 adult to PM for veteran
01-09-11 2 Adult, 46 bibs and 2 burpies to Tamie for Mercy Anderson and Caring Place
01-10-09 1 adult, 2 jr and 3 baby for Tamie to distribute @ Mercy ICU
01-11-10 4 adult, 1 jr, 1 child i infant to Cancer Family Care
01-12-09 6 Adult wings to Peg's Indian Consultants in Bangalore
01-12-11 25 wings to the Wellness Community Blue Ash Ohio
01-12-11 8 adult and 14 Jr wings to Ronald McDonald House Cinti, Ohio
01-13-08 Peg gives 3 wings to her friend Nancy for her daughter in law and grandbaby (Misty & Isabella) and her mother Marylou - KY
01-13-09 Deb M and Jeanne S @ UC get new wings
01-13-10 3 adult wings to Sharon G Loveland Ohio
01-14-07 Peg gave Tamie 13 baby wings for Mercy Hospital and Caring Place
01-14-10 Ronald McDonald House 10 adult, 5, jr 10 infant
01-15-07 Peg made wings for Alison's neighbor Millie in Mason Ohio
01-15-08 Peg give her Friend Deb 12 pairs of wings for her family members upon the death of her father Delhi OH
01-15-09 Ronald McDonald House in Cinti get 16 adult, 24 Jr, 11 Child & 22 baby wings
01-15-11 200 Dog mats/blankets to All Dogs Come From Heaven Cinti, Ohio
01-16-07 Peg gave Tamie 10 baby wings for Mercy and Caring Place
01-16-11 1 adult, 17 infant and 15 bibs to Tamie for Caring Place
01-16-11 child wings to Max and Ava Indianpolis IN
01-18-11 2 adult to Tamie
01-19-08 Peg gives Tamie 28 wings for Crossroads mission trip and Mercy Hospital Cinti Ohio
01-19-09 Adult wings to Katie Patel's friend in DC
01-20-09 Baby wings for Tony's friend Jay in Lima, OH
01-21-11 2 adult to Hon Chan Independence KY
01-21-11 2 blankets to Darla S Independce KY
01-22-08 Wings to Anna, Jake, Jake's mom , Savannah and new baby Indianpolis Indiana
01-23-11 10 Bibs to Emily's sister in law
01-23-11 5 infant wings and 8 bibs to Tamie
01-23-11 5 infant wings and 8 bibs to Tamie
01-26-07 Peg gave wings to Lee Corbin in Park Hills Ky
01-26-09 10 wings to Tamie
01-26-11 Mailed 1 adult to New Jersey to Jenny's brother in law
01-27-07 Peg made 2 pairs of wings for Janet Wetzel and her daughter in Middletown, Ohio
01-27-11 4 adult wings to Deb B & Brian H Cinti Ohio
01-28-11 Gave away 35 wings at Alice Quallens funeral visitation at the funeral home
01-30-07 Peg gave wings to new baby Julia Ann Cincinnati Ohio
01-30-07 went 3 yr old Zoe in Germany her daddy is in the military
02-02-09 69 wings delivered to Ronald McDonald House
02-02-11 adult wings to Doris - Cinti Ohio
02-03-07 Wings to Dede Mounce Cinti Ohio
02-03-09 11 wings to Tamie
02-05-07 wings to Bev Upton Cinti, Ohio
02-05-07 Baby Mario Cinti, Ohio
02-05-07 Mrs Back Jerimiah Ky
02-05-07 Wings to Ricky Frankenhoff Cinti, Ohio
02-06-11 7 infant wings to Tamie for Mercy NIC
02-07-08 Wings to Hane Combs and her 3 daughters Cinti, Ohio
02-08-11 3 adult to Mitch for the guys in the steam engine club West Chester Ohio
02-09-07 Peg gave wings to her team mates at work
02-09-07 Rashmi, Komola, Shipla get wings to take home to Bangalore India
02-10-09 2 Jr wings to Carolyn for a friend
02-11-09 Adult wings to Megan and Heidi
02-12-07 7 more wings to QA team members and families (California, Bangalore & Cinti)
02-12-09 wings to Darla for her grandpa
02-13-09 John L to take to New York
02-13-09 Jr wings to Colleen M. nephew
02-13-11 Adult wings to Aunt Thelma Mariemont Ohi
02-14-09 Diane L Cinti, OHio
02-15-08 Wings to Barb L. friends Sheila and her mom Hyde Park
02-15-09 2 jr wings to Sara K for her friends
02-15-09 adult, baby & jr wings t Sally R for her friends
02-16-09 92 wings delivered to Ronald McDonald House
02-19-08 3 wings to Hon Chan's church friends Florence KY
02-20-06 The very first wings were made for Sharon Geisler of Cinti, Ohio
02-20-11 Honey P gave wings to her friend's Sharon & Bonnie
02-20-11 2 child wings to Sharon's nieces
02-21-08 Sruija and Aashish Bangalore India adult wings
02-23-08 Mother and daughter wings to Rebecca and Isabella Ft Thomas KY
02-24-09 3 baby wings to Tamie for Mercy Anderson
02-26-07 Sydney childs wings for her surgery Florence KY
02-26-07 wings for Mike and Donna to share
02-26-09 3 Adult wings go home with Peg's contractors to Banaglor India
02-27-07 Brenda Cinti Ohio
02-28-07 Kathy, her mom and her sister in Grand Rapids MI
03-01-07 Sally's friend Ruth Ann Bethel Ohio
03-02-07 Adult wings to Sid at 5/3 Cinti Ohio
03-02-09 New Batman/Diego wings for Max Q Indianapolis IN
03-03-07 25 baby wings to Tamie
03-03-07 3 adult wings to Tamie for her friends
03-04-08 17 baby wings to Tamie for Mercy NIC
03-06-09 Mother and baby wings to Felicia for her friend
03-08-09 ! adult and 1 premie to Tamie for her friend
03-08-09 4 Adult wings to Sharon G Loveland Ohio
03-09-09 97 Wings delivered to the Ronald McDonald House
03-10-08 6 baby wings to Tamie for Caring Place
03-10-09 Gloria R @ UC when her mother died
03-11-08 Audrey D from West Chester Ohio
03-13-06 Second set of wings were made for Karen - Sharon's sister, Cincinnati, Ohio
03-13-07 8 baby wings to Tamie for Mercy Anderson
03-15-07 Baby wings for Linda Hoog's niece's baby
03-15-07 Baby wings for Lore Heckmann's sister's grandbaby
03-15-08 wings to Felicia C and her 2 daughters
03-16-08 wings to Laurie for her sister Trudie
03-17-07 Adult wings to Joan Haller Hyde Park
03-17-09 Adult wings to Anna through Gary Jenkins
03-18-07 1 adult & 1 childs to April for her friend Debra and her son Corey Fairfield Ohio
03-18-09 Pam Sparrow through Gary J.
03-18-09 Baby wings to Dave Woods twins
03-19-06 Third set of wings went to the sister of a friend - Karen in Chicigo, IL
03-19-07 3 baby wings to Tamie for Mercy Hospital & 2 adult wings (One for Oprah)
03-21-09 1 jr 5 baby to Tramie for friends
03-22-09 3 baby, 2 jr, 1 adult to Tamie for friends
03-25-08 2 adult and 5 baby wings to Tamie for African Mission trip
03-26-07 4 baby wings to Tamie for Mercy Hospital
03-28-06 Barbara Timmers gets the first real wing shaped pair Amelia, Ohio
03-28-07 3 adult wings to Deb, Russ Brnadenburg and Uncle Bob Harrison Ohio
03-29-09 2 adult, 4 baby to Tamie for friends
03-30-09 2 adult wings to Senthil in Omaha Neb for his friends
03-31-08 20 pairs of wings to co-workers @ 5/3 Cinti
03-31-08 1 adult and 1 baby to Ron
04-01-06 Jenny Wern gets her very own wings LHC, AZ
04-01-06 Tamie Knepfle approves the first pair of baby wings to be used at Mercy Anderson Hospital, Cinti, Ohio
04-01-07 Peg makes wings for Aunt Alma in Deer Park Ohio
04-04-07 2 adult, 5 baby wings to Sr Ellen in Covington KY
04-05-07 2 youth, 6 baby 1 adult to Tamie
04-06-06 Peg makes the Seven Sisters fabric into a sample set of adult and baby wings to carry in the car for show and tell
04-07-06 Betty Jane Dziech gets some pansy print wings from Peg Deer Park, Ohio
04-08-09 4 wings to Tamie
04-09-06 Peg makes wings for Tamie's friend Debbie
04-10-07 Peg makes wings for Tamie's mom in FLA
04-11-07 Peg gives Tamie 19 baby wings
04-11-09 5 wings to Tamie
04-12-07 Peg sends Jenny 12 pair of adult wings for the Relay for Life in Lake Havesu
04-12-08 4 adult and 6 Jr to Tamie for African Mission Trip
04-13-06 Tamie Knepfle gets her very own wings Amelia, Ohio
04-15-06 Emily and Leah Timmers get their very own wings - Amelia, Ohio
04-15-06 Diana McHenry's sister in law Cindy gets wings in Milford Ohio
04-16-09 2 adult wings to Teene M KY
04-17-07 5 baby wings to Tamie for African Mission trip
04-18-09 Lelia, Pat and 7 children and 5 adult to Rebecca's friends @ isabella party
04-19-07 Peg gives wings to Bill W for his mother
04-19-07 Peg gives wings to Linda S
04-19-07 Peg gives wings to Jim D
04-19-08 Mr and Mrs Maupin Batavia Ohio
04-19-09 12 baby, 1 adult, 1 child to Tamie
04-20-06 4 sets of baby wings to Tamie for Mercy Anderson Cinti, Ohio
04-20-07 Peg gives wings to Bea Ciafardini for her 90th bday
04-21-07 Peg gives wings to 20mth old Tyler and his mom Cindi
04-22-08 19 baby, 5 adult, 3 jr for African Mission Trip
04-23-06 5 baby wings to Tamie for Mercy Anderson Cinti, Ohio
04-23-07 Peg gives wings to Hon for his friend Cynthia
04-23-07 Peg gives wings to Eric for his mom
04-23-09 107 wings to Ronald McDonald House Cinti, Ohio 20 adult, 18 jr, 47 child, 22 baby
04-25-06 Sharon's friend Mel gets her own wings Cincinnati, Ohio
04-25-06 4 baby wings to Tamie for Mercy Anderson, Cinti, Ohio
04-25-07 Peg gives wings to Todd for his mom in Dallas TX
04-25-07 Peg gives wings to Shanna in San Francisco, CA
04-25-07 Peg gives wings to Andrea Cinti, Ohio
04-25-07 Peg gives wings to Charlie for his daughter in Delhi, Ohio
04-25-08 2 preemie & 3 baby to Tamie for Mercy NIC
04-27-06 Jen Z of Mason Ohio
04-27-06 adult and baby samples given to Kathleen Miller for Linus - Cinti Ohio
04-27-07 Joan W makes wings for her friend in Mt Ayr, IA
04-28-06 Shelley Marshall Mason Ohio
04-28-08 Julie J 5/3 Lebanon Ohio
04-29-07 Peg made wings for Tamie's boss
04-29-07 Peg gave Tamie 12 pairs of wings for the African Mission Trip
04-29-08 2 adult 2 jr 5 baby to Tamie
05-02-09 2 baby wings to Flo Parker KY
05-03-06 Ella's friend in Mississippi
05-05-06 Jen Z's baby
05-06-08 baby wings to Carolyn's friend
05-06-08 5 preemie, 3 baby, 3 adult to Tamie for Mercy NIC
05-07-06 12 baby wings to Tamie for Mercy Anderson Cinti, Ohio
05-08-06 baby wings to Joe Ashley's baby Loveland Ohio
05-08-06 Twins Michael and Maria Cinti, Ohio
05-08-08 2 adult wings to Mitch N Mason Ohio
05-08-09 3 adult wings to the family of the Marine from Amelia killed in IRAQ
05-09-06 Alex Adrian Star Wars wings - extra force! Mason, Ohio
05-10-09 3 adult 2 childrens to Denise K
05-11-07 Peg sends 3 adult & 3 baby wings to China with her friend Pak Kwan for distribution
05-11-08 wings for mom's friend Bonnie C - Golf Manor Ohio
05-12-08 Baby wings to Melissa's new baby in Franklin Indiana
05-12-09 Adult wings to Julie the secuiryt guard @ 5/3
05-14-06 Alice Quallen Cinti Ohio
05-14-06 Barb makes wings for Sally Roetker Milford, Ohio
05-14-06 Barb makes wings for Joyce Timmers Newtown, Ohio
05-14-06 Barb makes wings for Sara Knepfle Newtown, Ohio
05-15-07 Peg sent wings to Betty G and her daughter-in-law Lucinda in Northern KY
05-15-07 Sample set of adult & baby to Traci for her church group
05-15-09 3 adult wings to Jeanne S @ UC
05-16-06 4 baby wings and 1 adult wings to Tamie Cinti, Ohio
05-18-06 2 pair of wings to Ella for her sick friends Cinti, Ohio
05-19-08 2 adult wings for Lora Steele's friends
05-20-07 Jane Galea makes 9 baby wings for the two sets of multiple births in LHC, AZ - Triplets and Sextuplets
05-21-07 Peg makes 5 adult and 4 baby wings for the Crossroads Church African Mission trip
05-23-06 1 adult and 3 baby wings for Tamie Cinti, Ohio
05-23-06 Adult wings for Susan in Apple Valley, California
05-23-08 adult wings to Sanotsh and Praveen Bangalore India
05-24-06 One of the military/bear theme baby wings is with baby Landon in Georgetown Ohio who's daddy is in Iraq.
05-25-09 4 adult, 4 child, 12 baby wings to Tamie
05-27-06 Barb makes wings for Jackie B Cinti, Ohio
05-28-06 Barb makes wings for Evelyn Bell Forest Park Ohio
05-30-09 4 adult to Tamie
05-30-09 1 adult to BJ
05-31-09 4 blankets, 2 bibs, 5 baby and 1 child wings to Tamie
05/03/07 Peg makes adult and baby wings for Brent Cinti Ohio
05/13/07 Peg gives Tamie 12 sets of wings
05/31/07 Peg makes wings for Deb dad Harrison Ohio
06-03-06 Joe Quallen Cinti, Ohio
06-03-08 3 adult, 13 baby, 6 preemie to Tamie
06-04-09 Dilip Patel FLA
06-04-09 5 adult wings to Carolyn's friends
06-05-09 3 adult and 1 jr wings to Honey Plagge for Mitzy, Gerri and others
06-06-06 7 baby wings to Tamie Cinti, Ohio
06-06-08 1 adult, 5 baby 3 preemie to Tamie
06-10-08 1 adult, 5 baby to Tamie
06-12-06 Ella's minister gets wings in Cinti, Ohio
06-12-06 Sharon's friend has triplets and they need wings Cinti, Ohio
06-14-09 24 bibs, 6 babt and 1 adult wings to Tamie
06-17-06 Peg's grandson Max get wings in Indy, IN
06-20-08 4 adult wings to SLK consultants Bangalore India
06-22-08 Marylou S Villa Hills KY
06-23-08 baby wings to Owen in Hawaii
06-24-06 Youth wings for little boy at the Anderson Christian Church Cinti Ohio
06-24-08 2 adult, 6 baby 4 preemie to Tamie
06-27-06 Alison gets her wings in Mason OHio
06-27-07 Jenny gives baby wings made by Barbara to Jackie for her sister
06-28-09 Wings to Peg's Tea Party guests 52 bibs, 8 adult, 5 jr and 10 child wings
06-29-06 Walt in Montana gets his wings
06-30-06 John Isreal gets wings Middletown Ohio
06-30-09 Bluegrass Hospice - 30 wings and 48 bibs
06/02/07 Peg Makes wings for Lee Carroll, Jan Tober and Becky Hannah at Columbus Kryohn seminar
06/04/07 Peg makes wings for Dillon and Mia Adrian - North Carolina
06/05/07 Peg makes wings for Drew - Honey's grandnephew Cinti OH
06/06/07 Peg makes winga for Steve H and Karen V Cinti Ohio
06/08/07 Pegy makes wings for Lore's friend Cinti Ohio
06/09/07 Peg makes wings for Janet M & Grace M Cinti, Ohio
06/10/07 Peg gives Tamie 22 sets of wings
06/16/07 Peg give Patti R 3 wings for her friends cinti ohio
06/16/07 Peg gives Sally R wings for Greg's baby
06/16/07 Peg gives Tamie 4 wings
06/17/07 Peg gives Tamie 2 wings
06/23/07 Peg gives wings to Jon & Trisha el Paso TX
06/30/07 Peg gives Betty P 5 sets of wings for her family
07-01-09 2 adult wings go to Malasia with Hon for his aunts
07-01-09 1 child wings to Darla Schaller Northern Ky
07-07-06 7 baby wings to Tamie for Mercy Hospital Cinti Ohio
07-08-09 6 baby wings to Tamie for Mercy Anderson
07-12-08 1 baby to Tamie
07-13-06 Alison's friend
07-13-09 4 dild wings to Inida with Aashish
07-14-08 mother and daughter wings to Susan M @ 5/3
07-14-09 wings to Jeff T, sheils B and 3 to Beth S
07-15-06 Sharon's friend Meredith Virginia
07-16-06 3 pair of adult wings to Debbie Kessen Cinti, Ohio
07-17-09 adult wings to Marilyn D
07-21-06 1 adult and 1 child and pattern to Washington DC for Katie's nannie's church
07-21-09 10 infant wings, 2 adult and 3 blankets to Tamie
07-22-06 Pak Kwan's wife Cinti Ohio
07-22-06 Ella's friend
07-22-06 7 baby wings to Tamie Cinti Ohio
07-22-08 1 adult, 7 baby to Tamie
07-23-06 Janet Washburn gets Iris wings in Phoenix, AZ
07-23-09 1 bib, 1 baby and 1 adult wings to Randy Jones
07-24-06 Peg finally makes wings for husband Don Newtown Ohio
07-24-06 June Evans Medway Ohio
07-25-08 wings to Anna S for an Indianapolis police officer wounded on the job
07-27-06 Linda Hoog Cinti, OHio
07-28-06 Mary B
07-30-09 2 adult wings to Sharon G
07-31-09 50 bibs to Clemont County CASA
07-6-09 3 adults wings to Marietaa Ohio with Sharon G
07/02/07 Peg gives wings to Irana, Senthil and Irana's son Bangalor India
07/13/07 Peg gives wings for Lora S friend after a fire destroys her business cinti, Ohio
07/17/07 Peg gives 24 sets of wings to Tamie
07/20/07 Peg gives wings to Rajat when he breaks his leg Bangalore India
07/22/07 Peg gives Ella E wings for her friend
07/25/07 Peg gives wings to Amy and her son
07/26/07 Peg gives wings to Ella for her friend
07/29/07 Peg gives wings to Candy for her daughter Jamie
08-04-06 baby wings for Jack Newtown Ohio
08-04-06 8 baby wings to Tamie for the Caring Place Cinti, Ohio
08-04-09 4 adult wings to Sharon to take to Renee in Paris France and friend in Italy ad Germany
08-05-09 1 adult, 1 jr and 1 child to Ami C's family
08-06-09 9 quilts to Ronald McDonald House Cinti
08-07-09 2 Adult wings to Peggy W.
08-07-09 1 infant and 1 blanket to Ann @ the dentist for her ist grandchild
08-09-06 17 wings to Tamie for Mercy Hospital Cinti Ohio
08-10-08 10 baby to Tamie
08-10-09 1 adult, 1 baby and 4 bibs to Todd M Cinti Ohio
08-11-08 Sentha Bagalore India
08-11-09 2 adult wings, 1 bib, 1 blanket to Sharon G
08-12-08 Brenda @ UC's daughter in law
08-12-09 1 infant and 4 bibs to Eric M Cinti Ohio
08-13-07 Peg sends wings to Don's Aunt Theresa C. In Lynchburg Ohio
08-13-07 Adult wings to Raquel @5/3
08-13-09 8 wings, 18 bibs, 4 blankets to Tamie
08-14-07 Peg sends wings to Don's aunt Linda E. in Port William Ohio
08-14-08 7 adult, 30 infant wings and 80 bibs to Healthy Beginnings Cinti
08-15-08 Vidya & Jaysherree Banaglor India
08-16-09 2 infant, 3 child wings to Carolyn's friends @ work
08-17-06 Sammy Adrian youth wings Mason Ohio
08-17-07 Peg gives wings to Eric's aunt Sharon Cincinnati, Ohio
08-17-08 3 jr, 7 adult, 2 preemie, 9 baby to tea party guests
08-18-07 Peg gives wings to Andy, Rachel and Karen Cincinnati, Ohio
08-19-06 Tamie's sister Teresa gets wings Cinti, Ohio
08-19-06 16 Baby wings to Tamie for Mercy Hospital
08-20-07 Adult and baby wings to Nina and baby
08-21-07 Baby wings to Sara
08-23-08 wings to sick car at the Milford car show
08-24-07 12 baby wings to Tamie for Mercy Hospital
08-24-09 100 bibs to Tri Health Cinti
08-25-07 Adult wings to Ella's friend
08-25-09 50 bibs to the Inner Parish Ministry
08-25-09 2 adult wings to Darla S's friends
08-26-09 10 wings to Tri Health Cinti
08-26-09 4 infant and 2 adult wings to Barb for friends
08-27-09 10 blankets to Ronald McDonald House Cinti
08-29-06 Adult wings for Barb's friend Lisa
08-30-07 2 Children's wings to Josey's kids
09-01-08 Rosie M, Cayla Q, Maria L, Darla, her dad and her mom Rose
09-02-08 Tom Baker's baby
09-02-09 Infant wings for a new mother working at the Courthosue in Cinti
09-03-07 Adult wings to Nancy I Villa Hills KY
09-03-07 Jenny picked up multiple Wings from Janice and begins to distribute them (7 baby, 12 Youth, 9 adult?)
09-03-08 Rebecca W @ 5/3
09-05-08 wings for Hon Chan's Aunt in China
09-07-09 12 infant and 2 adults wings and 20 bibs to Tamie for Mercy Anderson
09-09-08 Wings for Andrea L's parents and chuck B
09-11-08 3 adult and 1 jr for ColleenM
09-13-08 baby wings to Caleb Ft Mitchell KY
09-15-09 Wings to Robyn, Thresa & Marcia (Jenny's Cinti friends)
09-17-06 Honey Plagge gets wings from Peg Bellvue, KY
09-19-06 Peg makes wigns for Carolyn's friend son who was burned in an accident Cinti, Ohio
09-19-09 5 adult wings to Sharon G to give to friends in Paris France
09-20-06 Lisa Kaminski gets wings as a thank you gift from Peg Cinti, Ohio
09-20-09 Barb L of Seattle
09-20-09 Dan Q Cinti Ohio
09-20-09 2 Adult wings to Jen M's friends
09-22-06 2 adult and 4 baby wings to Tamie Cinti, Ohio
09-23-07 Wings to John Roetker to take with him on duty in Afkanastan
09-23-09 36 child wings and 190 bibs to Ronald McDonald House of Cinti
09-24-08 Bill W's mom Cinti OH
09-24-08 Ginger B's sister
09-24-09 Felicia's friend Simone
09-25-06 mother and baby wings to Shannon L Mason Ohio
09-27-06 Lora Steele gets wings Cinti, Ohio
09-27-09 Wings to the Miller family of 5
09-27-09 Wings to all 13 officers in the Newtown Police Dept.
09-28-08 1 adult and 1 baby for Jen M's friend in Columbus Ohio
09-28-08 9 adult & 2 baby to Sarah Palin and John McCain and their families
09-29-06 mother and baby wings to Melissa and Jack Franklin IN
09-29-09 3 bibs to Jessica @ 5/3
09-30-08 17 baby wings to Tamie
09-30-09 2 bibs, 2 burbies 1 infant wings to Ann S and 2 bibs to Bill W
09/03/09 63 wings and 6 blankets to Ronald McDonald House Cinti
10-01-06 Jim Washburn Phoenix AZ
10-03-06 David Lotz for his mom Cinti, Ohio
10-03-06 Teena Morrison baby wings for her friend in Covinton KY
10-03-08 adult wings to Kim Elliott Taylor Mill Ky
10-04-06 Eric Black our Webmaster gets his own wings
10-05-06 Peg makes wings for Carolyn's friend
10-05-09 2 child, 1 jr 1 Adult to Grace M - 5 bibs to Bill W
10-07-08 adult wings to Pak's neighbor lady in Mason Ohio
10-07-09 10 adult wings to Peg's 5/3 friends on 29th floor when Manny died and 1 to his wife
10-12-06 16 baby wings to Tamie for Mercy Anderson Cinti, Ohio
10-13-09 5 adult wings for Carolyn's 5/3 friends (Sue, Angela and Julie) and 2 bibs to Anne
10-13-10 2 adult, 1 jr & 5 bibs to Anna S for Indianpolis Policeman
10-14-07 Peg to Deb to her stepmom, Carol in Butlerville, OH on
10-14-08 Mary Q @ UC
10-15-09 1 adult, 1 jr, 2 child, 6 infants to Carolyn
10-15-10 adult wings to Linda S
10-16-10 6 blankets and 1 adult wing to Holy Cross Luthern Chuch in Fishers IN
10-18-07 Peg to Deb to Allison, Cincinnati,OH
10-18-09 8 adult wings to Denise for her talk group
10-18-09 1 adult and 2 children's to Marie M
10-19-08 Jr wings to Leia Chan Florence KY
10-20-06 Tamie's friend Ceil in Western Hills, Ohio
10-20-08 Adult wings to Rosie M's friend Sally
10-20-08 Adult wings to Teena M's friend
10-20-08 Nancy D @ 5/3
10-20-09 2 adult & 2 jrs wings for Hon's church friends
10-20-10 1 Adult to Lynn T's grandfather
10-21-06 Ella's friend Gwen Williams in Forest Park, Ohio
10-21-06 7 sister wings to Dede Mouce for sister Alma in TX and her Niece in Cinti, Ohio
10-21-08 Linda S mom
10-21-09 7 adult wings to 5/3 29th floor employees
10-21-09 1 child wings sent to St Pete's Beach - Carolyn's friend
10-21-10 Ronald McDonald House 10 adult wings
10-21-10 2 infant and 6 bibs to SH in India
10-22-10 3 adult wings to PM for local veterans
10-23-09 2 adult wings to Dan R for brother and sister in law
10-23-10 baby wings and blanket to Charlie L Northern KY
10-24-10 2 infant Sampson FL
10-25-07 Peg gave adult and Jr wings Hon Chan for members of his church in Florence KY
10-25-07 Peg gave baby wings to Senthil Kombiah for his sister's baby in Chini India
10-25-09 4 adult, 3 jr and 3 childrens wings to Sarah Sturgeon - Mt Healthy Ohio
10-27-07 Peg gave wings to Lori & kathleen at the Project Linus Workshop in Mason Ohio
10-28-09 2 adult wings to Jessica M for her mom & aunt
10-29-06 Judy Moyer Cinti, Ohio
10-29-07 peg to Deb to co-worker Loretta in Melbourne, Kentucky
10-30-06 Peg makes 4 sets of baby wings for Riley's Children's Hospital in Indianapolis, IN as a thank for Jackson
10-30-08 2 adult and 14 baby wings to Tamie
10-30-09 1 child wings to Dannie R Cinti Ohio
11-02-09 19 baby wings for Cross Road Mission trip to Nigurara
11-02-09 56 bibs for Caring Place
11-04-09 1 adult, 9 infant 13 bibs Mercy Hospital
11-05-08 1 baby wings to Eric T sister's baby
11-05-09 1 baby wings, 1 blanket & 3 bibs to Grace M to send to San Diego CA
11-05-10 3 adult 1 jr to Quilt Escape guests
11-06-07 Peg 3 wings to Tamie
11-06-08 3 adult 1 jr to Tamie
11-07-08 3 baby 1 adult to Tamie
11-10-10 1 adult to Josy's 100 yr old grandmother in Minnesota
11-12-07 Peg gives wings to Helen, Vickie & Ruth
11-13-06 Wings went to Ginger and her sister in Cinti, Ohio
11-14-06 Wings went to Teena Cinti, Ohio
11-15-06 Lore Heckmann Cinti, Ohio
11-15-06 Carol Steele Cinti, Ohio
11-15-10 2 Adult to Jim Harding family for sister in Iowa
11-17-06 Wings went to Christine and her children to take to Japan
11-17-07 Peg gives Tamie 25 wings for Mercy Hospital
11-17-10 6 adult Wellness Community Blue Ash OH
11-17-10 21 children's scarves, 30 bibs 5/3 Holiday Drive
11-18-07 Peg sends wings to San Fransico for Grace's niece
11-18-10 2 adult to Teena M.
11-20-10 4 adult, 1 jr, 1 child 1infant to Darla R
11-20-10 1 adult, 1 jr to Tina G., Falmouth Ky
11-22-06 wings went to Linda G and her husband in Cinti, Ohio
11-22-08 7 jr 2 adult to Kim Elliott for friends
11-22-10 10 adult wings and 17 Adult scarves for the St Clairs Xmas party @ the Drop Inn Center Cinti
11-23-06 wings to Peg's children Tony, Chris & Alivia
11-23-10 2 Adult to Hon Chan for church friends Northern Ky
11-24-10 2 Adult wings to Eileen & Wally Z. Cinti
11-25-07 Peg gives 3 wings to Tamie
11-25-08 4 adult, 1 preemie to Tamie
11-26-06 18 baby wings to Tamie for Mercy Anderson Hospital
11-26-06 adult wings to Tamie for a friend
11-27-10 26 Pet blankets to All Dogs Come from Heaven
11-27-16 My Little Pony print wings to a preemie at Mercy Anderson, her dad is a jockey at River Downs
11-28-06 Jane Hofmesieter in Dallas TX
11-28-06 Lori Anderson a friend of Marylou's Cincinnati, Ohio
11-28-06 Lora Steele's friends Dan & Jason
11-28-07 Peg sends wings to Bevery N in northern Ohio
11-28-10 25 Infant, 1 adult & 18 bibs to Tamie
11-29-07 Peg sends adult and 2 baby wings to friends in Germany
11-29-10 2 wings to blankets to Jessica R for the Lebanon Giving Tree
11-30-10 4 adulr qingsa to Carolyn for friends in Seattle and Cinti
11/05/09 Infant wings, blanket and 3 bibs to Grace for her nephew in CA
11/11/09 Jr wings to Krisen S
11/12/09 Infant wings and 4 bibs to Valerie
11/14/09 wings to Cecelia M in Portsmouth OH - cancer survivor
11/15/09 4 adult wings to Christensen sisters in Portsmouth OH
11/25/09 Adult wings to Warren W Columbus Ohio
11/27/09 Adult wings to Susan S Cinti Ohio
11/30/09 2 adult and 4 children's to Pak Kwan to take to Hong Kong relatives
12-01-08 2 adult wings to Angela B
12-01-10 wings to Mike and Traci Milford Ohio
12-01-10 2 adults wings to Teena's cousins
12-02-08 mother and baby to Suhas in Atlanta GA
12-02-10 204 wings, 14 blankets & 200 bibs to Ronald McDonald House Cinti, OH
12-03-08 3 adult wings to Sharon G for friends
12-05-08 baby wings for Chris's neighbor's adopted baby Indianapolis IN
12-05-10 adult wings to Caroln's friends
12-05-10 68 bibs to Ami K for the Morrow Early Childhood Center
12-06-10 100 bibs Healthy Moms & Babes
12-06-10 6 adults wings Healthy Moms & Babes
12-07-08 Mother and baby wings for Mary F
12-07-08 2 adult wigs for Jen M
12-07-10 100 bibs to Healthy Moms & Babes
12-07-10 mailed wings to Ruth Adrian in IN (Alison's mother in law)
12-07-12 8 scarves for the Drop[ Inn Center (Shirley St Clairs)
12-09-06 Johnnie Lynch Florence KY
12-09-06 Jane Lynch Norwood Ohio
12-09-06 Jane's mom in Milford, Ohio
12-09-06 2 pairs of wings to Shirley & Paul Lynch Cincinnati, Ohio
12-09-06 Kay Ryan Cincinnati Ohio
12-11-07 Peg gives Lisa at UC wings for Lisa and her daughter
12-12-06 Tony's friend Angel in Canada
12-12-10 1 Infant 3 bibs to Peggy White for grandbaby
12-13-10 100 bibs to Healthy Moms & Babes
12-13-10 adult wings to Carolyn's friend
12-18-08 2 adult wings to Hon Chan
12-18-08 Olma Bangalore India
12-19-07 Peg sends wings to Aunt Betty in FLA
12-19-08 baby wings for Charlie H 5/3
12-19-10 3 child, 3 jr 5 adult to Alice Quallen to give to visitors
12-20-08 2 adult wings to Carol and her husband that work with Janelle T
12-20-10 150 bibs to Children's Hospital
12-21-07 Peg gives wings to Deb S for her 2 nieces
12-22-08 2 adult wings to Chuck & Sally Heath Wasilla Alaska (Sarah Palin's parents)
12-23-06 Lora's friend Dan's friend Cinti, Ohio
12-24-08 baby wings for Violet L Covington, KY
12-26-08 Adult & baby wings for Nate & Michelle Dusing Austin Texas
12-29-08 2 adult wings to Chris B and his daughter Corin
12-30-08 11 baby, 2 adult, 1 jr to Tamie
12-31-10 4 adult to Alice Quallen to give to Hospice workers and family that visited
12-31-10 I infant and 3 bibs to Valerie's friend
12-8-10 3 adult wings to PM for veterans
12/01/09 2 adult wins to BJ
12/07/09 14 adult and 2 childrens 5/3 SLK contractors to take to India
12/08/09 6 adult wings to Mary B and friends at St Theresa's Cinti OHio
12/09/09 wings to Fr Wollering
12/10/09 wings to Karen V for her sister
12/10/09 Ronald McDonald House 24 infant, 20 child, 24 jr 12 adult & 100 bibs
12/11/09 slg for Cindy W
12/12/09 4 adult to Eagles in Hamilton Ohio
12/12/09 wings to Mary K's sister
12/12/09 1 adult and 2 children's to Ami C
12/13/09 adult wings to Mel Amelia OH
12/13/09 11 infant wings to Tamie for Mercy Anderson
12/14/09 adult wings to Angela D and her mother Margaret
12/15/09 Adult wings to Bonnie B for the Womens Shelter
12/16/09 6 infant, 1 adult 1 blanket to Tamie
12/17/09 2 infant to CAT
12/17/09 2 adult wings to Jim & Barb H
12/18/09 adult wings for Grace's friend
12/22/09 4 adult, 6 jr Northwest School
12/23/09 20 infant, 18 childrens 100 bibs Pregnancy Center East
2-12-11 2 adult and 1 child for Mattie S and family Mariemont Ohio
2-14-11 mailed adult wings to Marci Fairfield Ohio
2-15-11 Infant wings, blanket and bib to Ragini Ramesh in Seattle WA
2-19-11 200 dog mat/blankets to All Dogs Come from Heaven
2-8-11 2 Adult for Priyabrata and his dad in India
2-9-11 Adult wings to Mrs D Evans Newtown Ohio
2-9-11 65 bibs to Tamie for Caring Place
AC 03-12-07 Jenny gives youth wings made by Ann Cole to 51/2 yr old girl in LHC with bad heart who needs heart transplant
BG 1 Brenda made adult wings for her Aunt Lillie
BJD BJ makes wings for her 3 friends Pat in Indianapolis, Barb in Wilmington OH Sue in Maineville OH
BJD1 BJ makes 10 wings for Sue to take to African Mission trip
BJD10 Mike's Aunt Barbara in Cedar Grove IN
BJD11 Yellow rose wings to Paula D
BJD12 train print for Brandon F
BJD13 Daffodil print to Dr Saladin in KY
BJD14 Jundle print wings and bib to Timothy in Hamilton OHIO
BJD15 Carnation print to Joan A Cinti
BJD16 3 premmie wings for Tammie @ Mercy Anderson
BJD17 Aunt Thelma
BJD18 Horse print wings and doggie blanket to Isaac Payne @ Evergreen Farms
BJD19 Horse print to Art who works with Shawn
BJD2 Bj sends 4 wings to Jenny in Lake Havesu AZ for the Cancer Walk
BJD3 BJ makes 3 wings for her fitness center buddies - Marie, Maurie & Suzie Cinti, OH
BJD4 BJ makes wings for grandma Jean and Aunt Julie in Wooster OH
BJD5 BJ makes wings for Meredith in San Diego
BJD6 BJ makes wings for Tim in Miami Twnshp OH
BJD7 Vi W Cinti Ohio
BJD8 Doggie & hearts to Lynda M's mom in Loveland
BJD9 4 rrosebud print preemies for Tammie to take to work at Mercy Hospital
BT Since we started making wings in 2006 - Barb has made wings for Joyce Timmers, Jeff Bley, Janet Mc Feeters, Amy Vanderpool , Diana McHenry, Diana McHenry
CAT Carolyn makes wings for her grand daughter Maya and grandson Kamran- Washington DC
CAT 1-23-08 Baby wings for Gabrielle M Cinti, Ohio
CAT 1-23-08 Baby wings for Declan King
CAT1 Wings for Becky Morgan
CAT10 2 pairs to Rose Childers
CAT11 3 pairs to Sandra Kerby
CAT12 3 pairs to Brian Sabers
CAT2 3 baby Wings for Sybill McDowell
CAT3 Roger Saletin's son
CAT4 Jenny Calwell's friend
CAT5 McKenzie's mom, & Ken Valentine's mom
CAT6 2 wings for Peggy & John Gladwell
CAT7 3 pair to Colleen M
CAT8 3 pairs to Tashawa Perren
CAT9 2 pairs to Joan & Dilip Patel FLA
JW 01-01-07 Jenny makes wings for Colleen's husband Mike Hobbs in LHC, AZ
JW 01-07-07 Jenny makes wings for Tony Maderitz in Fairfield, Oh
JW 04-20-07 Jenny distributes all the over 100 Adult and 40 Youth Wings made for the LHC Relay for Life event in LHC, AZ
JW 04-30-06 Jenny made her first Wings for brother in law Randy Wern in Tuscon, AZ suffering from lung cancer
JW 05-16-07 Jenny sends baby wings to Lafayette, CO to the Ellis family for the first grandchild
JW 05-17-07 Jenny gives two baby wings to Dawn Callahan in LHC, AZ for new granddaughters
JW 05-17-07 Jenny gives two adult wings to Ed & Mary Alvo for their family
JW 05-23-07 Jenny send's pink wings to Mary Sue in Toledo, Oh for her sister-in-law
JW 05-25-07 Jenny sends blue wings to Theresa Reis in Cincinnati, Oh
JW 05-25-07 Jenny sends blue wings to Mary Sue Utter in Toledo, Oh
JW 06-13-07 Jenny gives special wings to George Schneller before his shoulder surgery in LHC, AZ
JW 06-13-07 Jenny gives the Hospice Volunteer- Tammy- a set of wings at the LHC, AZ volunteer class meeting
JW 06-22-07 Jenny gave wings to Diane Tobin in LHC, AZ in honor of her husband, Bob's death
JW 06-27-07 LHC Hospice Volunteer graduates get wings made by Jenny, Janice and Barbara (22 wings distributed)
JW 06-29-06 Jenny makes mulitple Wings for the Lane and Nelson families, including matching breast cancer wings for Anne and granddaughter Breanna in LHC AZ, preemie twin granddaughters Hannah and Hope Lane in Seattle, WA and Grandpa Nelson in CA who is suffering with cancer
JW 07-10-06 Jenny makes Wings for Emma Marroquinn who suffers with a stomach problem in Salt Lake City, UT
JW 07-10-06 Jenny makes Wings for brother in law Tom Wern in Oregon, OH
JW 07-15-06 Jenny make Wings for grandson, Zachary Creech in LHC, AZ
JW 07-23-06 Jenny makes Wings for girl friends father, Leonard Shannahan, who suffers from Alzhiemers in LHC, AZ
JW 08-09-06 Jenny gives 6 baby wings to Julie of Project Linus in Parker, AZ
JW 08-17-06 Jenny makes Wings for Terry, the VA lab tech in LHC, AZ who has a throat condition
JW 08-21-06 Jenny makes Wings for grandson Derek's classmate with bone cancer, Fairfield, OH
JW 08-21-06 Jenny makes Wings for Aunt Helen Fowler in Mt. Vernon, OH
JW 08-28-06 Jenny takes Wings to the LHC, Az fire department in Honor of Donny, a active fireman burn victim
JW 08-30-06 Jenny makes Wings for Anne's breast cancer walk buddy, Sue in NYC, NY
JW 09-03-07 Jenny takes 4 Adult wings to the Havause Community Health Foundation for the Breast Cancer Walk 10/6
JW 09-09-06 Jenny makes Wings for Jessica, car accident victim who looses her family, LHC, AZ
JW 09-25-07 Jenny takes multiple Youth sized Wings to LHC Hospice for the Adventure in Grief children support group
JW 09-28-07 Jenny gives baby wings to Trisha Barstow (BHC, AZ) for 1st Comfort Keeper Baby in the family
JW 10-04-06 Jenny makes Wings for Samantha and her mother, Kim, in LHC, AZ
JW 10-06-06 Jenny gives 4 baby wings to Project Linus rep Julie, Parker, AZ
JW 10-07-06 Jenny makes Wings for baby, Justin Taylor, in LHC, AZ
JW 10-11-06 Jenny sent one adult and one baby to friend Darlene in Thayne, WY for her granddaughter and her father
JW 10-24-06 Jenny gives adult wings to her boss for his daughter in WA
JW 10-24-06 Jenny gives adult wings to LHC Senior Center as a sample with the pattern
JW 10-30-06 Jenny gives 2 Baby Wings and 10 Youth Wings to H.A.V.E.N. in Lake Havasu City, AZ (made by Anne Cole, Jenny Wern, Pat Staron, Jane Galea, Lorraine Holstrom, Jopeli)
JW 12-20-06 Jenny makes wings for Jean Vander Wal in LHC, AZ
JW 9-27-07 Jenny gives 6 baby Wings to the LHC Pregnancy Care non-profit (made by Janice)
MC 38 MC makes wings for Vi's husdband Mason Ohio
MC1 MC ault wings for hersel Mason Ohio
MC10 MC makes wings for Josie H Shadepride Ohio
MC11 MC makes wings for Sue B St Claireville OHio
MC12 MC makes wings for Ann C Fairpoint Ohio
MC13 MC makes wings for Linda J Wintersville Ohio
MC14 MC makes wings for Bob W Sandusky Ohio
MC15 MC makes wings for Linette Mason Ohio
MC16 MC makes wings for Nell Mason Ohio
MC17 MC makes wings for Nell's mom Mason Ohio
MC18 MC makes wings for grace H Saylor Park Ohio
MC19 MC makes wings for Courtney A Cinti Ohio
MC2 MC makes wings for for grandchild - Martion Mason Ohio
MC20 MC makes wings for Eunice S West Chester Ohio
MC21 MC makes wings for Adrian F West Chester Ohio
MC22 MC makes wings for Diane B Mason Ohio
MC23 MC makes wings for Alysa Y Mason Ohio
MC24 MC makes wings for Joann P Mason Ohio
MC25 MC makes wings for Sylvia S Cinti Ohio
MC26 MC makes wings for Greg's dad Louisville KY
MC27 Mc makes wings for RoseAnn C Mainsville Ohio
MC28 MC makes wings for Sara C Huntington New York
MC29-31 MC makes wings for Sara's family in Huntington NY
MC3 MC makes wings for her grandchild Cimani Mason Ohio
MC32-37 Mary makes wings for 3 boys & 3 girls in Cinti Children's Hosptial Mason
MC39 MC makes wings for Elizabeth C Mason OHio
MC4 MC makes wings for Marcedese K Fremont, Ohio
MC40 MC makes wings for beautician's mom Mason Ohio
MC41 MC Makes wings for Nell's granddaughter Mason Ohio
MC42 MC makes wings for melanie C Cinti Ohio
MC43-45 MC Makes wings for Children's Hospital patiants.
MC46 MC makes wings for Anita C Mason Ohio
MC47 MC makes wings for Mary D Mason Ohio
MC48 MC makes wings for Mary P Mason Ohio
MC49-50 MC makes wings for TC to take to work Mason Ohio
MC5 MC makes wings for Julia R Fremont, Ohio
MC51 MC makes wings for Helen C Fredericksburg VA
MC52-53 MC makes wings for Helen's friend in Fredericksburg VA and Washington DC
MC6 MC makes wings for Connie M Fremont Ohio
MC7 MC makes wings for Dorothy Q Fremont Ohio
MC8 MC makes wigns for Pat G Fremont Ohio
MC9 Mc makes wings for Ben K Shadepride Ohio

Please help us keep the flight path up to date.  If you have one of our patterns please tell us where you got your pattern from, where you live, how many patterns you have made, and where have you sent your patterns (including organization name, city, and state). 
You can post your information in our Wings of Love Flight Path forum.

[Coming soon - an international flight path map]

As the Wings Of Love patterns grow in numbers, we will provide a map to help us visualize the impact our blankets are making.
Please make sure to include city, state and zip code.  Thanks, wing-master.